8-Class Signature Program


This program is Entrepreneurable: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship in full.

Children are introduced to the concept of Social Entrepreneurship, researching and advocating for a cause, communication, and marketing.

All classes include activities to help retain new knowledge. Collaboration is  encouraged as children learn how to make REAL CHANGE in their communities.

It consists of 8 one-hour classes to be given over two, four, or eight weeks.

Half-Day Program


This program explores key concepts of our Signature Program like what it means to be a Social Entrepreneur.

Children delve into the mindset, risk, and responsibility of an entrepreneur.

This program includes 4 hours of  fun, interactive activities as well as special guests and community leaders.

Mini Program


This program is a 2-hour Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

Children focus on passion versus jobs and explore the steps of taking an idea from a dream to a goal to developing a strategy.