Our Story



Growing up and navigating the inner-city streets of Bridgeport, CT in the 80's was no easy feat for our Founder and CEO. 

As a teenage mom, Latara Frieson quickly realized that this world was not designed to help those without the ability to help themselves. 

Advancement  is something that that has to be identified, pursued, and attained by each individual. 

But who would teach, demonstrate, and pave the way? 

We will.

Our Vision


The vision of Entrepreneurable, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is that no child, regardless of race, family income, or social status, is deprived of the knowledge of, and access to,  entrepreneurship.

Our Mission


The mission of Entrepreneurable, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is 

1) To execute an educational program for middle school aged children of underserved communities focusing on Social Entrepreneurship. 

2) To promote the engagement of local small business owners in mentoring and teaching the skills required to become an entrepreneur and impact communities.

Vice President


Sarra Idehen

VP of Education


Ashleigh Hamilton

VP of Communications


Jason Sparks